Lunch at The Breakfast Club

by Sukruti Anah

As soon as I realised they could create this beautiful work of art for me – I ordered – well to be fair my friend sitting across me made the final choice (between two great ones). And so I waited. Avocado, Poached Egg on Toast with a side of crisp Bacon and Red Chilli. Reading the menu over and over again after I had ordered was certainly not helping. Finally, it was gracefully placed before me – the hungry kid. As soon I saw the beautiful burning red of the chillies, I reached out for a sliver.

What happened next was that I lost my sense of taste, overwhelmed by the ‘hotness’ of this tiny flake of red hot chilli was eye-watering exciting* but also numbing. Thankfully my chilled glass of fresh orange juice came to the rescue and the cool minty lime induced avocado relaxed the heat. My lunch just began to unravel this fantastic sense of flavours and I did not stop until I was finished. Believe me I was NOT dining on any empty stomach, in the end however I scraped my plate clean. The Breakfast Club, I decided, was going to be a regular and maybe next time I can get some ‘breakfast.’

*Considering that I am Indian, I am used to ‘hot-chilli.’ Most places I go to serve stuff that may look like chilli, but tastes nothing like it. The Breakfast Club – they have the real stuff, and it felt so right.

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