The Queens Jubilee

by Sukruti Anah

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee – 60 glorious years of service, I watched her graciously address her subjects. The towns and cities were splashed in the Union Jack colors of Red, White and Blue. Flags flew from buildings across roads, from speeding cars and homes. However my jubilee moment was this beautiful cake. A double tribute in itself, it was the Victorian Sponge Cake with a glittered version of the iconic Union Jack. On 22 June, 1897 Queen Victoria was the first  monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee. And this year on 2 June, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her reign in London. I am certain she may have had her share of Jubilee cake, but I cherished my slice with a cup of tea. The warm cream and strawberry jam were perfect on this cold rainy day in June. One that I will always remember.

Cake Baked by Eunice Watkins, Ipswich

Union Jack Glittered Pattern by Charis Watkins and Sukruti Staneley