Traditions of Tea

by Sukruti Anah

Cream Tea is your mid-day indulgence.

The Devonshire Cream Tea (of Devon) is the scone split in to two and smothered with a generous dollop of extra thick clotted cream and teased with fresh strawberry jam (or chocolate as a certain someone prefers it). The scones are mostly toasted and are eaten with a cup of tea with milk.  The Cornish Cream Tea (0f Cornwall) however, may not include a scone at all, they  have sweet bread rolls and although this is less common today, it is still made in homes within families who recognise this old tradition. Cream Teas are real treats, and of course I couldn’t possibly indulge everyday, but maybe twice a week is alright (even though I know it isn’t), but come four o’clock I will have a cup of tea, with milk and two sugars – leaving the clotted cream for another day.

Afternoon Tea

My copper kettle

whistles merrily

and signals that

it is time for tea.

The fine china cups

are filled with the brew.

There’s lemon and sugar

and sweet cream, too.

But, best of all

there’s friendship, between you and me.

As we lovingly share

our afternoon tea.

Marianna Arolin