A Victorian Dream

by Sukruti Anah

Apart from the fact that both Queen Victoria and I share the same birthday (24 May), I am not sure if we have any other similarities. However her reign from 1837 up until 1901 when she died, Queen Victoria held the longest term any woman monarch ever has. And during these years she led Britain in to a cultural, political, scientific and industrial era of change.

Most importantly, she gave us the Victorian Sponge Cake.

Her term of reign also know as the Victorian Era saw the birth of  ‘Afternoon Teas’, and this particular cake was her favourite that it was named after her. It is a two layered sponge cake filled with fresh raspberry jam, topped with thick double cream and dusted off with fine icing sugar. Neatly sliced and carefully set, on what I imagine would have been a limited edition Sprayed Flower ceramic dish.

And maybe with a thin golden rim.

And maybe with a pot of clotted cream not far off.

And maybe with some fresh cut raspberries hidden somewhere.

Oh, I can keep imagining.

Maybe we do have more in common that I thought.


Cake Baked by: Sylvia Scott, London