Fruit Cake Love

by Sukruti Anah


We sunk our knives deep  into a double layered-double tiered cake, as we raised a toast to my Parent’s 25th year of married life. A rich, intense and incredibly delicious fruit cake, evenly covered with a thick fondant graced the evening. This is one particular cake I had to develop a taste for, as a child cake meant chocolate, and for a cake to be filled with the poignant goodness of dates, sultanas, raisins with dollops of indulgent rum was wrong. But then I still cherish the moment I discovered that this is a beautiful cake, it overflows with flavours, layered with hard work that evolves into a solid block of magnificent moments. It is truly the cake of the season, be it Christmas or New Years’ or even the celebration of a much-treasured milestone.


Cake Baked by: Lisa, Doha