Christmas Méringues

by Sukruti Anah


In the early 17th century, the meringue is believed to have been invented in a town called Meiringen in Switzerland. As fluffy as they can get, I do not suggest Sherlock-Holmes may have  fancied them, but his pilgrimages bring people to this town and after a world record of the largest meringue, this dessert has become a delicate and tasteful one. Topped with fresh rasberries or canned peaches or even sliced pineapples, any meringue nest will melt into the fruity flavours.

Christmas brings in its own character to desserts, and even the meringue can metamorphose to turn into an ultimate christmas dessert. With some fruit cake crumble and a generous splash of thick double cream, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the warmth of this season despite the pretty cut-outs of snowflakes.