Basil Chicken with Green Pesto

by Sukruti Anah

The intensity of the flavours that are packed in to the chicken leave you wanting more and more of this master-piece. Resting on a colourful bed of roasted peppers and succulent black olives brings a lasting palette to the table. With a side of boiled new potatoes that goes perfectly with – my favourite part- the roasted crust of the green pesto, that you will have to scrape of the bake dish. The Pesto however is just bursting with flavours that make it hard to identify when its filling up your hungry insides.

The Pesto itself is an Italian sauce that originated from Genoa, and is symbolic of its cuisine. The contracted past participle of the Genoese word pestâ, which means to pound or crush which was how it was originally prepared  – is how it acquired its name. The parmesan is slightly crumbled and along with the strong flavours of garlic nestling in the thick cheese, and the most important element – a fresh bunch of basil leaves joins the mix. The olive oil then graciously silkens the paste and it slowly turns a dark sumptuous green. Freshly ground pepper and a slight of lemon juice with a (large) dash of salt gives it that much required punch.

It was a rare bright sunny day in November, the sun lighting up the colours and the appetite, all worth Every Bite.

Cooked by: Sylvia Scott, London