A Seven Year Old’s Barbie Turned Mermaid

by Sukruti Anah

 I went to school with a bag of chocolates only for the friends who wished me on my big birthday. And it was during recess that everyone wished me just to get a chocolate. But that was accepted, I used to practice that too! However this birthday was different from any birthday I have ever had and will ever have. As soon as the recess bell rang, I wrapped my text books and new ink pen and stuffed it inside my bag, and looked up to to see my wonderful mother right at the front of the class, with what looked like a silver sparkling parcel resting in her hands. My face lit up as I ran forward to proudly meet her in front of all my friends whose mothers’ had not come.
And as the cover that hid the surprise beneath slowly arose, I saw the most beautiful cake I had ever seen. The best part was that it had my Barbie, that I would recognise anywhere. She never told me that my mother and her had been plotting this all along, even when we played the afternoon before. Tipped with gold lining all over her individually crafted and hand-made sea-shelled tail she sat there on my cake beaming. And there in the blue waters my birthday wishes floated, along with soft pink shells that lay in the deep blue ocean. The insides were ofcourse chocolate, I am a chocolate person and it was my birthday – it had to, had to be CHOCOLATE!! In my newly-turned seven year old mind, this was easily the best cake I had ever had! One that I can’t possibly forget for its familiarity of elements that made up parts of my world and made by my mommy.
Cake Baked by: Rhoda Staneley, Saudi Arabia