The Red Velvet Cake

by Sukruti Anah

The thing with the color Red is that it is highly mesmerising and can attract the attention of the mind from any lost world. And in the case of The Red Velvet Cake, the magnificent Red flows through the insides of the cake and smoothens the feel of its power. Today Red is still regarded as a color beaming with passion and divinity, however when we look at its edible properties we may fail to realise that more often than not, we are what we eat. This very cake, has a poignant essence that when mixed with the devious river of chocolate, creates an intense combination that can only be devoured by the mighty.

In 1763, a young housewife was forced to live in the village atop the Polish Jura – the oldest mountain range in the world, with her husband and three children. They would house several passer-bys and provide water for the men travelling through the mountains and food to the lost. Some came looking for the water lobelia, that was said to have healing properties but almost impossible to find. A man travelling from the far West, came from a land filled with deserts and the heat unbearable for vegetations, except for spiked plants. He of all the travellers was the most eager to find the water lobelia, he sought it for his young daughter who was declared incurable. His journey passed by the humble home of our Polish family and they gave him shelter in his grief. And to honor them he presented to them with an old leather pouch filled with extracts of Carmine, all he had left from the cochineal bugs that he carried with him in memory of his daughter and her love for the color Red. The young woman not knowing what to make of this, was instructed to use it as an additive to their food. And she did, after several weeks since the Western traveller visited them, she added it to the cocoa bread that she patiently made for her children and husband. They ate it that night with cheese, milk and sugar, they ate the Red bread that was more fascinating to look at than to taste. But they could not help themselves to it as they gazed upon its bright hue in their otherwise dull life. And this is the first recording of the Red Velvet Cake.

Apart from all of the above being untrue. The Velvety feel of the cake grips your taste buds and leaves a lasting impression on your mind. The cream cheese facilitates every bite and preserves the passion of the Red. It could be your next favoritest thing in the world, do not let the Red Velvet Cake slip away.

Cake Baked by: Eunice Watkins, Ipswich