World of Waffles

by Sukruti Anah


Fresh out of the freezer, straight into the toaster and popped out in a bit. Lumps of smooth butter slathered on the warm ridges and brown sugar generously sprinkled.

Breakfast at home.

“Waffle irons engraved with coats of arms, religious symbols and the familiar honeycomb pattern (said to resemble interlocking crosses) were used to brand the baked treats. In medieval France, an entire guild was established in 1270 to train the vendors who sold waffles on the street. Because the simplest version only called for flour and water, it soon became a staple of country cooking, though wealthier peasants would add honey, eggs and aromatized wine. The delicacy, according to Geoffrey Chaucer, made for an excellent means of seduction. “He sent her sweetened wine and well-spiced ale/ And waffles piping hot out of the fire,” the English poet wrote of courtship in the 14th century in The Canterbury Tales.”

Extract from ‘waffles’ by M.J. Stephey

Having established some history of the waffle, I find the various types of waffles that exist today overwhelming. Just to create a list, here are the ones I could get my head around.

1. American Waffles

2. Belgian or Brussels Waffles

3. Liege Waffles from Eastern Belgium

4. Bergische Waffles form the Berg County, Germany

5. Hong Kong Waffles

6. Scandinavian Waffles

7. Syrup Waffles from Netherlands

8. Pizzelle from Italy

9. Waffle Fries

10. Krumkake, Norwegian Waffles

Well, a book should be written on waffles, their origins and what makes them so different from each other and unique to the country they come from. To begin with each of these varieties, has the similar base of ingredients but differ in thickness and mixture. From brown cheese toppings in Norway to Rhubarb and cheese in Iceland, waffles are a base for cultures and offer a taste palette to savour. Personally, I want to experience each one of these waffles individually and talk about personal moments with them.

This is only the beginning of the Waffle series, treat yourself to one if you haven’t already!