The Humming Bird Cake

by Sukruti Anah

Three Layers of cake, I imagined it would take days to be devoured.

48 hours was enough for a family of 4 and me to wipe it clean. Milk tea, Chai, Earl Grey and Coffee, it went perfectly with everything. A tiny slither for breakfast and some more in between – it was never enough. The smooth cream cheese compliments the crushed pineapple that leaves an after taste levitating in your mouth. The sprinkled pecan adds just the right amount of crunch to this three layered mouthful along with the warm mushy bananas that are in perfect harmony with the traces of cinnamon. In order to maximise the jubilation you can possibly receive from eating this cake, I would recommend you to find you personal method to eat such cakes.

For me I simply do the folowing:

1. Look at the cake immediately after it has been removed from the oven.

2. Procure a clean white plate.

3. Cut a clean slice. Be neat.

** IDEAL: 7cm x 4cm (length x breadth)

4. Find a place – away from the world.

5. Get comfortable.

6. Put away all other distractions.

7. Cut through the slice.

8. Open Mouth.

9. Place gently though opening.

10. Repeat with intervals until no crumbs remain on plate (or around plate).

Like I said, this works for me – but if stuffing the whole thing into your face feels elevating then why not! Either way, this cake exudes a somewhat elegance that may appeal to the tea drinkers or some of the in-between snackers like myself. On the whole if you live to eat and do some other things in life, find someone who can bake you a Hummingbird Cake, if you can’t bake one yourself.

I found Eunice Watkins, who graciously baked this cake at home. I polished it – and that says it all.

Caked Baked by: Eunice Watkins, Ipswich.